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about abadá

ABADA History

It is only recently that a new generation of capoeiristas sought to combine Capoeira Regional and Capoeira Angola to develop a new style which embraces the modernizing innovations of the legendary Mestre Bimba without losing sight of the guiding principles and values which are embedded in the history and philosophy of the art. Standing at the forefront of this contemporary movement is Abada Capoeira.

The main focus of the Abada-Capoeira philosophy is to be found in both Mestre Bimba's Capoeira Regional style and the lessons of Capoeira Angola. It is at this junction where the evolution of capoeira lies, and where its future is discovered hidden in its past.


Abada Capoeira incorporates a multi - leveled philosophy for the development of capoeira. The philosophy includes the relentless pursuit of the technical mastery of capoeira, on both student and teaching levels; the utilization of the art of capoeira as a valuable pedagogic tool, as well as an artistic and cultural resource; and the transformation of student into teacher through the enlightenment and transfer from the student to the teacher, thus keeping the original value systems of the early capoeira masters, their culture and their life experiences.

Abada Capoeira seeks to promote cultural and human values based on respect, socialization and freedom. It hopes to accomplish these goals by spreading the art of capoeira in and through universities, schools, clubs, associations and diverse communities. It also hopes to emphasize the lessons inherent in its Brazilian cultural and historic roots, and by doing so, promoting social integration between people of different backgrounds and classes. While keeping sight of its social goals,

Abada Capoeira also seeks to instill good character, dignity and strong personal values in its students.

We at Abada Capoeira understand that capoeira is, and always was, both an ancestral and futuristic art form. It is the living expression and embodiment of a people that fought for liberty. In this light, we believe it should be practiced withreverence, and it deserves from our part the same respect and attention it was given by its originators. We also realize that capoeira must not cease to evolve. While preserving the values involved, our work points toward the future, embracing changes and advancements, seeking to give capoeira the space and freedom it demands for it to develop to its full potential.

The art of capoeira, like the chameleon, seeks change as a way to preserve its own essence.

Abada Capoeira is a non-profit group whose main objective is to promote capoeira and Brazilian culture, and to use it as an important vehicle and example for social integration and individual growth. It's part of out philosophy to present our culture to all social groups and classes, and by doing so, we hope to keep our roots alive and flourishing.

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