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• Julia  |  03.11.2010 21:09:52  |  IP: 87.228.---.---
Does abada capoeira still exist in Limassol? I came in Cyprus from Russia, where I traind before. So I wish to train here in Limassol, if it is possible. If anybody knows something about capoeira in Limassol, please send me an e-mail at Thank you.

• Espinho  |  07.08.2010 21:19:00  |  IP: 78.29.---.---
Hi everybody, i want to ask, if abada capoeira still exists in Cyprus, cause i will come at beggining of september, so i wish to train 2 weeks there, if it is possible. Mail me pls, Thanks

• Pena  |  09.10.2009 23:39:05  |  IP: 62.152.---.---
Hi! Im Pena from Escola Cultura Zungu Capoeira Indonesia.
I would like to ask a permission to come to see the class..I might move to im in Nicosia. this is my email add:


• ........  |  14.06.2009 16:35:32  |  IP: 81.156.---.---
I was wondering whether the classes will still take place during the summer period..

• rafa  |  12.06.2009 11:53:04  |  IP: 217.16.---.---
hi, any info about capoera classes in nicosia?
for kids also, thanks.

• flora  |  08.05.2009 15:31:09  |  IP: 87.228.---.---
so there will be two classes per week . total eight per month?

• pambos  |  21.04.2009 19:53:51  |  IP: 78.158.---.---
please help me....i am from nicosia and im looking capoeira school.....i cant find ....please if anybody knows something please send me an e-mail at
thank you very much.

• Mocinho  |  19.03.2009 20:32:51  |  IP: 213.7.---.---
to Lobinho: Koukal jsem, snad se ti tam povede dobře. Já pořád stejný, teda teď mám pár dalších lidí, ale tak střídavě oblačno Každopádně gratuluju...
• Lobinho  |  19.03.2009 18:44:35  |  IP: 77.104.---.---
Ahoooj brasko ,videl jsi to? rozjel jsem to v Chebu!!! Co ty jak tam valcis?

• no nick demetra, now has nick. RAPOSA !  |  09.03.2009 04:28:42  |  IP: 213.7.---.---
I Want to thank instructor Boquinha for the wonderful workshop!! We had a great time and learned a lot!!He is a very nice person and I look forward to see him again in Cyprus and have training with him!!
Mocinho I like very much my nick Raposa ( fox , volpe...) Raposa has a sweet face. I will try to play capoeira like Raposa..... thank u for the party we had a great time!!( Today got up at 4 am i slept at 9 ! i was tired! so iam now here so early!see u at the training

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